Creative Work

I enjoy cooking, walking, reading, studying Jewish texts, playing guitar, and occasionally writing poetry and songs. 

Please do not reprint any of the material to share without my express knowledge or consent. Please do not read my work in an unclean place such as a bathroom or animal stall due to the spiritual nature and references to G-d in some of the work therein.


I have written poetry since the age of 15 about humorous, political, natural, romantic, serious, and spiritual topics.  Most of these volumes have never been seen by the general public outside my circle of friends and family.My philosophy about writing is that once it’s done, it’s over, regardless of my mood at the time or when I go to curate it. If I still like it or am touched enough to want to share it, then the particular piece goes in a volume.

Every few years, when I reach about 50 poems, I curate them and self-publish another collection. I have listed the order in which I originally published the volumes to my best recollection, complete with errors and pictures.

Please note that the volume called “5/8th Of Everything I’ve Written” was the basis for the first official volume “Ho,Ho.”, said the Platypus and Other Snappy Titles. I have one of the few printed copies in existence, written around 1994 on a Brother word processor. It was grueling work. Be sure to read the informative and amusing liner notes and introductory pages before the poems in each volume. While you might learn something, I take no responsibility if you do.

If you wish to support my professional or artistic work, please contact me via the form on the welcome page. If you’ve seen enough, press eject. Come back soon!

2. A Pickle For Bernice

3. Amber Waves Of Nausea

4. Hey! I Just Write This Stuff

5. Winter Poems

6. Least Loved Poems By A Relative Unknown Who’s Probably Not Your Relative

7. Get Your Own Delusions Of Grandeur! (These Are Mine)

8. Jubilation

9. How About A Nose Squeeze?

10. Insert Clever Title Here  This is my newest collection featuring poetry, prose and art!

The following are individual poems. I hope that with time and inspiration, I shall collect many more for a new book. For the time being, enjoy these.

Power Outage written August 7, 2020 

Six Feet Behind written March 5, 2021 

Agony (Lament For 2022/5782) written August 3, 2022 


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