Thank you for visiting! I’m glad you’re here! 

My professional experience has primarily been in retail, social services, technical support, and running two small businesses.   Please also visit my Linkedin Profile.

I am a proud Autistic seeking my professional fit.   My Clifton Strengths Finder themes are: Empathy, Strategic, Belief, Connectedness and Responsibility. They resonate with me personally and in subtle ways. I strive to use them in all aspects of fulfilling my purpose in life.

Pronouns: he, him, his
Most importantly, I want to create an inclusive world which is ours!

My primary goal is employment as a mentor especially to those on the autism spectrum. Personally, I prefer the term mentor to life coach. This is my cover letter to that effect. My secondary plan is employment in technical support. 

Here is my complete resume highlighting my diverse experience. Addresses have been removed to protect privacy of my references.

I am also a member of the New York State chapter of the Association of People Supporting  Employment First.  

I live with my wife, Naomi Susan Schwartz Jacobs, a renowned scholar of 2nd Temple Judaism, novelist and artist.  Please check out her art and her novel.  Feel free to read my creative work here.